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Deleting Data

Table of contents

  1. Delete document
  2. Delete collection
  3. Delete child document
  4. Delete child collection
  5. Delete sub collection
  6. Delete by key list

Delete single model or all collection.

Delete document

To delete single document pass key to manager

Example Usage


Delete collection

Delete all documents from collection

Example Usage


Delete child document

To delete child document just pass the child key

Suppose Review is child of Post model


Delete child collection

Delete all documents from child collection


Delete sub collection

Deleting any document not delete it’s sub collection you need to delete them separately but you can pass child=True to delete all its subcollections

Suppose you want to delete post and all it’s reviews

Post.collection.delete(post_key, child=True)

This will delete the post and all it’s subcollection in this case reviews if reviews has any other subcollection these will also delete.

Delete by key list

FireO also allow you to delete multiple documents by providing key list